List Your Property

We need listings! Here in Running Springs, we are selling homes! Homes that are priced at market value are selling, and fast! If you are considering selling your home, we have put together some things you should understand in this current market. The cost to sell your home is usually a little under 8 percent of the home sales price.

Preparing your home to sell in this market (mandatory)

  • Smoke detector in each room in working order
  • Carbon monoxide detector on each floor in working order
  • Water heater to be double strapped
  • No signs of a leaking roof- If roof is older, be prepared to pay for a roof cert (average cost about $500), this is something the
  • lenders are asking for these days
  • Trees trimmed away from roof and chimney (at least 10 feet away per insurance requirements)

Preparing your home to sell in this market (advisable)

  • Fresh inside paint, neutral colors
  • De clutter- let the house be seen
  • De personalize- let them vision themselves living there
  • Fresh deck stain- first impressions are very important
  • Clean entry and good curb appeal- Some buyers won’t even get out of the car if the house has bad curb appeal or if its dirty
  • All lights and light bulbs working- turn them on when the house is going to be shown
  • All plumbing in good working order-this includes the faucets
  • Counters cleaned off and dishes put away

Once home is listed, be prepared for the following:

  • Big red post sign- this gets the attention of buyers driving around
  • Flyers on the sign (unless its winter)
  • Another sign with a QR code- buyers can get all the information for the house by just scanning this code
  • Electronic lock box- This tells us which agent showed the house and keeps track of the showings
  • Agent tour- some know this as agent caravan- Allows the agents to view the home for their potential buyers.
  • Home will be listed on the internet via, two MLS networks, Resort magazine website and Face book
  • Virtual tour will be posted on these sites as well
  • People driving by after viewing the home on the internet
  • Home will be advertised in Resort Homes magazine
  • Be prepared for your home to be shown in a quick short notice (don’t ever turn away a potential buyer when agent calls)

In today’s market, a realistic seller is able to sell their homes quickly. There are a lot of buyers out there looking for just the right home, and just the right price. If your home doesn’t sell within 90 days, then the home is not priced right. We are here to work with you and for you, and would love the opportunity to list and sell your home!!